Our Mission

“Our bodies are nearly 2/3 water; similarly, the Earth’s Surface is nearly 2/3 water. This is while water is required for all life. As a major component of and supporting all life, our atmosphere manages the water cycle with evaporation, clouds and precipitation. As a part of the water cycle, our rivers, lakes and oceans move water across the Earth’s Surface. All of this water and movement of water in the air and on the surface are important to our climate, our health and our world. Unfortunately, over the past century, humanity unknowingly created a support system which affects our water, our air and thereby the water cycle of our world. These affects are negatively affecting Earths’ ability to support life. Today, we know of past mistakes. We have the opportunity to improve upon our support system before irreparable harm is done to our home.

ClearValue’s Vision is that pure water and clean energy will be more important to humanity than oil by 2020, possibly by 2015. It is ClearValue’s Mission to bring forth innovations to improve our water, our air, our health and our lives. It is ClearValue’s direction to bring forth ClearValue’s innovations in the context of intellectual property so that capitalism will have an interest to implement, thereby driving change to improve our water, our air, our health and our world. As profit is a great motivator, we can use profit and capitalism to make improvements for all of humanity.”

Richard Alan Haase – President & CEO

CONOX™ is a unique and proprietary technology which converts point source emissions or other COX streams into marketable products which are friendly to the environment, recyclable or salable. As CONOX™ has little raw material cost, CONOX™ is very financially attractive, as well as, practical. CONOX™ can clean up our power sources, including coal, while providing an attractive return. CONOX™ is “the Clean Coal Technology”.

HyOx™ is the hydrogen transportation solution. HyOx™ triples ICE performance efficiency (to 60% Carnot) while capable of 10 times the power (to 2000 ft-lb in 4 L). HyOx™ has no carbon, nitrogen or sulfur footprint. HyOx™ combusts pure H2 with pure O2 while storing H2 at low pressure cryogenic temperatures, therein solving the transportation energy storage challenge. HyOx™ is capable to create the required demand for a H2 Economy.

Sulert™ is a unique and proprietary manufacturing technology which converts waste sulfur from refining industries into electricity and calcium sulfate (pure gypsum) while having the ability to produce water treatment chemicals, such as: disinfectants and coagulants. Sulert™ produces electrical power at a variable cost of $0.01 to $0.04 per kWhr and total cost of $0.04 to $0.10 per kWhr, depending on facility size and location. Sulert™ also comprises biological means for the removal of sulfide and nitrogen compounds from hydrocarbon streams. As ClearValue is the original innovator of Thiobacillus, ClearValue has the leading and most efficacious means of noxious odor control, therein preparing sulfur for power generation. Sulert™ is clean power and construction materials from an otherwise waste product.

Merman™ is a proprietary device for commercial or residential potable water purification. Merman™ purifies potable water while leaving beneficial nutrients, calcium and magnesium, in the water. The nutrients are dispersed with natural dispersants. Being dispersed, the beneficial nutrients cannot deposit in piping, on glassware or tile. MermanTM also removes heavy metals, including aluminum. Finally, Merman™ filters potable water prior to adding a disinfectant in the water to control biological contamination. Being a POE device, an entire home, building or subdivision can obtain complete potable water purification from a single unit. Merman™ provides individual efficacious control of water purity.

Clarimer™ – ClearValue is the leader in polymer technologies used in water treatment. ClearValue is the innovator of modern polymer coagulation systems; these systems are proprietary to ClearValue Technologies, Inc. ClearValue is the leader in thermophilic bio-solid dewatering technologies; these systems are proprietary to ClearValue Technologies, Inc. ClearValue is the leader in biological means to control noxious odors, e.g. Thiobacillus in noxious odor control. These systems are proprietary to ClearValue Technologies, Inc.

Enhanced Biological Filtration (EBF™) is a proprietary and natural technology for the removal of Disinfection By-Product (DBP) precursors. EBF™ has demonstrated TOC removal, as well as pathogen removalEBF™ is accomplished utilizing known non-pathogenic, non-opportunistic and low virulence factor (beneficial) cultures raised in a fermentation device to be certain of colonies placed on the biological filter. EBF™ demonstrates efficient performance in water recycle applications. EBF™ is Nature’s Method of water purification with a beneficial improvement!

Nutro™ is proprietary and natural technology for the recycling of nutrients. Being natural, Nutro™ is economical. NutroTM operates per guidelines of the US EPA 503 Regulations). Therefore, NutroTM is a natural and regulatory compliant means of bio-solids and animal waste recycle. NutroTM is a Natural Method of nutrient recycle free of pathogens and odor.