About ClearValue®

ClearValue Technologies, Inc.® was incorporated in Texas on December 5, 1994. ClearValue® is an innovative technology company based in water chemistry, bio-chemistry and thermodynamics. The ClearValue® Team has developed many proprietary technologies and products which have the ability to provide for humanity clean energy and pure water. ClearValue® began and is focused on leading product technology and customer service.

In energy, ClearValue® most recently developed CONOX™, a natural, efficient and practical means of controlling point source (power plant) emissions. CONOX™ controls and converts COX, NOX and SOX into marketable products (CONOX™ also has means to remove mercury). CONOX™ is cash flow positive, providing an attractive return in addition to a means of clean energy production. In addition to CONOX™, ClearValue®'s Sulert™ Technology and Product Family provide natural, economical and efficient means of removing odiferous sulfur compounds from water and hydrocarbon systems, converting the compounds into elemental sulfur, and producing electrical power at less than $0.02 per kWh, along with a much needed construction material. Finally, the ClearValue® Team has also developed HyOx™, an economical, efficient and practical means of hydrogen combustion in an internal combustion engine. HyOx™ provides improved power, operating efficiency, fuel storage and operating practicality, all of which are unavailable in previous applications of hydrogen ICE or in fuel cells. HyOx™ replaces the fuel cell concept in performance, efficiency, operating cost and practicality. HyOx™ renders the fuel cell concept obsolete.

In water purification, ClearValue® developed the leading coagulation systems in use today. ClearValue® made polymer coagulation systems a practicality, while removing aluminum from the purified water (aluminum coagulation, such as with alum, leaves aluminum in the water - aluminum is a demonstrated neurotoxin being linked to Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Parkinson's Diseases). ClearValue® Coagulation systems remove aluminum based health threats from potable water while improving water purity and reducing purification cost. ClearValue® also developed the thermophilic bio-solids dewatering systems in use today. ClearValue® expanded this technology to develop Nutro™, a technology to treat municipal bio-solid and animal waste. Nutro™ provides a means of organic nutrient recycle while removing pathogens and odor from the product, all according to the US EPA 503 Regulations. Nutro™ is the solution to recent vegetable contamination scares; as, in all cases, contamination was by a pathogen from a municipal bio-solid or farm animal waste. As the population of the Earth increases, the risk of such pathogens increases daily (US EPA 503 Regulations). It is impractical to fill our landfills with municipal bio-solids and farm animal waste. The only practical solution is to treat municipal bio-solids and animal waste for pathogen destruction prior to recycle as an organic fertilizer. Nutro™ economically and practically removes pathogens and odor from municipal bio-solids and animal waste. Nutro™ is the solution to our contaminated vegetable scares/issues.

ClearValue®'s Merman™ POE (Point-of-entry) Device for the Commercial Water and Residential Water Markets provides total end-use (home, restaurant, hotel and condo) control of potable water purity. Merman™ provides end-use control of contaminants, including biological, hardness, heavy metals, and disinfection. Merman™ is the only technology available which provides individual end-use control of disinfection and disinfectant concentration. Merman™ economically provides total building or structure control of water purity at one location within one device. Merman™ replaces use of all previous and available Point-of-Use (POU) and POE Systems.

ClearValue Technologies, Inc.® is a leader and an innovator in clean energy and pure water technologies, systems and products, Cleantech.

ClearValue Technologies, Inc.® is a new age company designed in technology, products and personnel to perform in the new sustainable economy.

ClearValue® is green. Clean energy is a ClearValue®. Pure water is a ClearValue®.