Enhanced Biological Filtration

Enhanced Biological Filtration (EBF™) is a natural technology which has demonstrated TOC removal performance in drinking water purification utilizing nature's own biological water purification processes. EBF™ is accomplished utilizing known non-pathogenic, non-opportunistic and low virulence factor (beneficial) cultures raised in a fermentation device to be certain of colonies. The biomass in EBF™ is managed by the measurement of TOC downstream of filtration and controlled by the addition of beneficial cultures to EBF™. Turbidity and disinfection are accomplished using the US EPA Drinking Water Regulations as operating protocol. Finally, the control of toxic TOC compounds are accomplished by the addition of selectively cultured beneficial cultures. ClearValue's EBF™ is Nature's method of water purification with a beneficial improvement!

Most importantly, EBF™ is economical. EBF™ operates with an installed equipment cost which is near: 1/50'th of that for RO Membranes in retrofit facilities and 1/10'th of that for RO Membranes in new facilities. And, EBF™ has an operating cost of near 1/20'th of that for RO Membrane Facilities.

Enhanced Biological Filtration Flow Diagram
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Enhanced Biological Filtration Technology

Enhanced Biological Filtration Drinking Water Compliance Technology