Investor Relations

ClearValue Technologies, Inc.® is currently seeking investment and/or joint venture partners to commercialize its portfolio of valuable proprietary technologies. Further, at this time, ClearValue Technologies, Inc.® has four (4) investment pools which comprise "Friends and Family Investors" who have funded much of ClearValue's intellectual property.

These pools are:

  1. Water Technologies
  2. The Water Combustion Technology, HyOx™
  3. CONOX™
  4. The Water Chemical Manufacturing Technology, Sulert™

Should you or your firm have an interest to facilitate commercialization or become an investment pool member, please contact ClearValue Technologies, Inc.®. However, please note that membership in the investment pools is limited and available only on a basis of need. This policy protects current investors from dilution.

At this time, ClearValue Technologies, Inc.® is not a publically traded company, while such is a planned early stage investor exit strategy. Prospectus are available for interested and qualified individuals and firms. Prospectus are available for each investment pool and each business/technology sector. Once a business/technology sector has obtained first round funding for commercializaiton, the associated investment pool closes to protect the position of those involved.