Answering Critical Market Needs - Hydrocarbon refining operations create a significant amount of sulfur which must be disposed. Further, the power industry is in need of environmentally sound capacity; while, the water industry is in need of coagulants and disinfectants. Further still, the water industry needs to replace the use of gaseous chlorine due to the inherent safety and terrorist challenges therein.

Sulert™ meets any or all of these needs in a cost effective manner which provides significant operating leverage.

Technology - The combustion of sulfur into sulfuric acid produces more energy per pound than natural gas. As there is no significant market for sulfuric acid, continued conversion of sulfuric acid into gypsum is preferred, therein producing further energy. All of this energy is converted via steam turbines into electricity, which can be sold or used to manufacture water purification chemicals, e.g. coagulants and disinfectants. Sulert™ comprises significant operating leverage and significant earnings potential.

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