Zero Carbon Technology

ClearValue’s® Zero Carbon™ Energy is an innovative means to produce clean electrical power from a liquid or gas hydrocarbon. Zero Carbon™ Energy provides electrical power in excess of 60% conversion efficiency, hydrocarbon to electron; while, Zero Carbon™ Energy produces no COx, NOx or SOx. In the production of electrical power, Zero Carbon™ Energy is a significant efficiency improvement over current hydrocarbon power generation means, which are at best 30% efficient. Therefore, whether oil, natural gas or propane fuel, Zero Carbon™ Energy can produce twice as much electrical energy per pound of fuel.

Zero Carbon™ Energy units are sized from 10 kW to 500 MW, while the larger units are more efficient than small. Such an energy generation efficiency and unit sizing makes distributed Energy a practicality.

Further, Zero Carbon™ Energy produces heated water for combined heat and power operation.

Further still, Zero Carbon™ Energy incorporates ClearValue’s® CONOX™ algae 3dPBR produces a natural organic product, which can be a source of food protein or of organic fertilizer.

Most importantly, Zero Carbon™ Energy economically produces hydrogen, which can be a clean transportation fuel.



Zero Carbon™ Energy Energy incorporates ClearValue’s® HyOx™ hydrogen combustion technology. HyOx™ provides an efficient and powerful means of hydrogen combustion, as well as, an effective means of hydrogen transportation storage.

HyOx™ provides an efficient use of hydrogen; as, HyOx™ is 50 to 70 % efficient converting hydrogen potential energy to engine mechanical energy. HyOx™ is a significant improvement over hydrocarbon systems in use today, which are only 15 to 20 % efficient.

HyOx™ is powerful, offering 100 to 400 ft-pound of torque, e.g. near 90 to 360 HP, per Liter of displacement.

HyOx™ provides an effective means in transportation to store hydrogen; as, HyOx™ stores hydrogen cryogenically at little to no pressure.



Earth is abundant in natural gas, methane; while, America’s landfills produce enough natural gas, that when converted to hydrogen, can power over 60 % of America’s cars, trucks and buses. This is because, natural gas is simply natural. Natural gas is formed by biological decomposition of organic molecules, e.g. our trash.

This is all while, natural gas, when released to Earth’s Atmosphere is 21 times, that is 21 X, more of an issue to warm Earth’s Atmosphere and cause climate change.

Due to biological activity, Earth’s ocean floors are abundant in a frozen and hydrated form of natural gas.

In conclusion, Zero Carbon™ Energy is an efficient and effective solution to humanity’s energy challenge, while cleansing Earth’s Atmosphere, and while, being an abundant near endless fuel supply.

Zero Carbon™ Energy

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